What makes us different?
We focus on head to head comparisons.  Human auditory memory is fleeting – on the order of seconds, so it’s really important to do (ideally) blind repeat testing within seconds, so we don’t hallucinate differences.

We’re in Chicago!  Send me a note about your system and I’ll find time to review it.  The general plan is an hour visit where we listen to some of your favorite music on the system, and then some of my favorite music (so I can get a frame of references).  Then we chat about your favorite aspects of the system and where it’s headed, or if it’s your end-game rig and why, and upload the video to the audioooh youtube channel.

We love DIY projects and commercial prototypes.  We’re excited about the latest developments, focus on the positive and don’t care if it’s pretty yet.


Editorial policy
We are dedicated to honest evaluation of audio equipment.  Therefore we do not show any paid advertisements.

We literally only publish reviews of gear that makes us go “ooh”.   If the equipment you, the manufacturer, supply does not fit with our system or taste, we just send it back to you without a published review.  This has the benefit of freeing us from bias, because don’t need to sugarcoat our reviews, just to maintain good relationships with the industry.  In short, if we can’t say something nice, we don’t say anything.  Of course, there are degrees of excellence, and quality varies across the sound spectrum, and we note such issues in our reviews.

We favor head to head comparisons.  Due to the fleeting nature of human sonic memory, the answer to the flat question of “does this sound good?” is nearly always “yes.”  Through direct comparisons that don’t rely on memory we can provide better insights about advances in technology.  This also benefits you, the manufacturer, as we can clearly definite the benefits of each level of your product line.

Contact us with questions or to set up a review

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